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"Poor Poco: They Were 'The Next Big Thing' Four Years Ago." Rolling Stone (Apr. 26, 1973)

"The Eagles Land on RS." Rolling Stone (June 15, 1978)

"Days of Rage." / "A Glimpse of Life in the Fast Lane." Rolling Stone (June 15, 1978)

"Playing Baseball with the Eagles." Super-Rock (1978)

"Hell is for Heroes." Rolling Stone (Nov. 29, 1979)

"Riff Rap: Disc By Ex-Eagle Has Taken Flight." The Globe and Mail (Oct. 9, 1987)

"The Eagle Has Landed." Unknown (1987)

"'It Feels Like Last Week.'" St. Louis Post-Dispatch (July 1, 1994)

"Walsh Only Eagle Still Flying in Fast Lane; Henley and Frey Have Peaceful, Easy Feeling." Toronto Star (July 7, 1994)

"Between the Bullets." Billboard (Feb. 17, 1996)

"We're the f***in' Eagles. Kiss my ass!" Q (Aug. 1996)

"The Eagles Head the Class of 1998." Scene (Jan. 8-14, 1998)

"A Fan's Notes on Selected Works." Selected Works 1972-1999 Booklet (2000)

"Checking in with Timothy B. Schmit." Billboard (Apr. 21, 2001)

"Eagles to Make All-New Studio Album." The Straits-Times (Apr. 27, 2001)

"Schmit Wings It Like an Eagle." The Straits-Times (Apr. 27, 2001)

"Eagle Eyes." Guitarist (June 2001)

"An Eagle Lands in the Hawk's Nest." School News (May 2003)

"Bassist Schmit Can Tell You Why Eagles Endure: Good Music." St. Louis Post-Dispatch (June 5, 2003)

"Eagles Happy to Be Back in the Fast Lane." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Oct. 10, 2003)

"Life in the Fast Lane." Classic Rock (Feb. 2004)

"Eagles Take It Easy." Sunday Mail (July 25, 2004)

"It's Life in the Slow Lane Now." The Sun-Herald (Nov. 15, 2004)

"Eagles Feather Their Nest Again." Melbourne Herald Sun (Nov. 15, 2004)

"Interview with Timothy B. Schmit." Unknown (June 2005)

"An Eagle's Lofty Perch." Montreal Gazette (July 28, 2005)

"Set Symbol." Melbourne Herald Sun (Aug. 20, 2005)

"We Play What Our Fans Want." Liverpool Echo (June 9, 2006)

"Peaceful Easy Strumming." Guitar World Acoustic (March 2007)

"The Eagles' Last Flight?" Los Angeles Times (Nov. 6, 2007)

"The Eagles Have Landed... at No. 1." The Sun (Nov. 10, 2007)

"Hotel California Affected So Many: Joe." The Times of India (Nov. 15, 2007)

Eagles Interview with 60 Minutes. CBS (Nov. 25, 2007)

"CMT Insider Interview: The Eagles." CMT (Dec. 4, 2007)



"Inside the Sleeve Pop: Fast Times at Ridgement High." The Globe and Mail (Sept. 4, 1982)

"Musical Numbers Only Nuggets in 'Goldmine.'" The Oregonian (Mar. 21, 1988)

"Fun with Warren Zevon." Toronto Star (Nov. 28, 1988)

"The Creation of the Parrothead Cosmos." Toronto Star (June 12, 2005)